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Sunday, September 21, 2008

2 Months Tomorrow!

It is so weird to think that Adalyn will be 2 months old tomorrow! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital, not knowing what to expect! 2 months later and all 3 of us are still alive. So I guess that means we must have figured out the basics of parenthood! Well it has been a long time since our last post, almost a month. So here is our most current update. Adalyn is over 10 pounds now, sleeps through the night (most nights) and smiles and talks all the time. She is turning out to be pretty easy to please!

The exciting news for the coming week is Adalyn's blessing. She is being blessed on Sunday, September 28! Her Nana and Papa White and some of her aunts and uncles will be coming in from out of state to be there. We are way excited to see them. Plus all her other aunts and uncles who live close will be there too and she always loves hanging out with them. Not to mention all of our friends who will be there to show their support too. It should make for a pretty fun weekend.
Yesterday Adalyn got her first experience with one of the least enjoyable things in the world...hauling hay. She went with her mom and dad, Nana and Papa Botkin, Aunt Cheri and Uncle Jeramy and her cousin Branson. She was the lucky one and got to ride in the truck with Nana the whole time. Then she got to spend a few hours in the evening with Nana and Papa while we went on a date for the first time in 2 months! It was great and she was a peach for her babysitters! Well that is about it for this update. Enjoy the pictures!