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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ode to Rosco

Sadly, at approximately 7pm last night a member of our family passed on. Rosco was a very loyal, sweet, and caring pet to us. Rosco was a happy beta fish that my brother Jeramy gave to us after he killed our other beta, Oscar while we were on vacation. Rosco lived a quite life of peace, and never complained about anything; like the time we left him on my brother Blaine's porch in January for 2 hours and he almost froze, or the time his fish bowl got so dirty that I couldn't find him and I had to swoosh around the water to see if he was still alive. And he never said a mean thing about all the people who would come over and vigorously tap and bang on his bowl, awakening him from a peaceful nap or a nice leisurely swim. No, not once did he ever complain or cause any trouble to any member of the family. After discovering Rosco floating upside down at the bottom of his bowl last night, Jonathan proceeded to give him a funeral service worthy of any deceased fish; he returned him to the sea by way of pipe. Rosco, you will be greatly missed my friend!

"God be with you til we meet again...." Rest in Peace Rosco.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Last of the Summer Fun

As Summer is closely at its end, my family decided to do have one last summer outing, which took place this past Saturday. My Mom wanted all of us to hike up to Timp Caves and take the tour through the caves. It is about a 45 minute tour and was a lot of fun. Sadly Justin and Kamie couldn't make it, Justin has been out of town for work for over a week. We had a really good time laughing and joking all the way up and the caves were pretty cool. Mom and Dad were excellent troopers and kept great pace going up and coming down. The total hike is 3 miles. We are planning to do it again next summer if anyone wants to join!

Here we are as we start up the trail and I straped Adie to me with my backpack straps since we forgot her backpack.

Mom, Dad, and Blaine

Cheri, Jeramy, and Branson

Jonathan, Adie, and Me

Inside the caves. This one is known as the "heart of Timp Caves" because this stalactite is in the shape of a heart

Jonathan, Adie and Me in "The Big Room." We can actually stand up in this room, all the rest were a bit crowded

And we all made it through the caves alive and without any injuries. It was a really fun and neat experience. After we hiked down the mountain, we found a nice shaded table and had a picnic. It was a great way to spend a Saturday. Thanks Mom and Blaine for planning it!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Experience

Undoubtedly, I love my baby girl more than life itself and last night Jonny and I experienced something completely new as parents. It's one of those events that makes me love, respect, and appreciate my own parents even more. Over the past couple days, Adie has been really grumpy, clingy, and just not her happy sweet self. We figured it was because another tooth was finally coming in and showed all the normal signs of a teething Adie; bad sleeping habits, really warm, but no fever, indecisive about what she wants, only cuddles with specific people, etc. Well teething could have been a contributing factor, but on the way home last night from my parents' house, Adie was almost asleep in her car seat when I heard this unmistakable sound.......the throw-up sound. I instantly turn back and Adie had thrown-up all over herself, the car seat, and on the seat next to her. And mind you, Adie is eating solid foods now. Nice mental picture huh? She just gave me this look like, "Oooohhh, I feel so much better." Luckily we were less than a minute away from home. I immediately took her in, washed her, and put her to bed while my sweet, amazing husband took care of the car and her car seat. This has never happened before, sure the occasional spit up when she was a newborn and all of the blow outs were nothing compared to this. Happily, Adie slept like a rock and has been a very chipper baby girl this morning and seems perfectly fine. I now deeply appreciate my own parents for loving me enough to take care of me all those times that I was sick. But I guess when you love your child enough that you would move heaven and earth for them, cleaning up some throw-up isn't that bad. Well to all those parents that have already experienced these kinds of situations, I tip my hat to you and say to myself, "Welcome to Another Stage of Parenthood!" I can only pray that Adie won't be the kid who smears poop or boogers on the walls. Yuck!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Catch Up!

Yes, it has been a while since I've posted. And since its only 11pm, I thought it was the perfect time to give you all a quick up date. After Adie's birthday party, we had a family reunion in Star Valley, WY and then we flew down to Vegas the weekend after to visit Jonny's family. Both trips were a lot of fun and Adie got to take her first airplane ride. She did great on the way down to Vegas, but coming home was a completely different story. It has been a great couple of weeks and a lot of fun to be with Jonny and Adie. Adie and her first set of wheels. Right after I took this, Adie fell out of the car. It was sad, but I was laughing so hard. Don't worry, she was fine.
Adie and Uncle Jeramy on the swing
Yes, you are seeing this picture correctly, my family is beating each other with pool toys. My sweet mother was in charge of the family reunion this year and she created the first ever Roundy Olympics and this was one of the events. Needless to say Christy's team won and the prizes were amazing!! Just ask some of Mom's past students.

Another one of Mom's great games. Each team took a few hats and had to make a song. And no, our song was not the Jaws theme song.
Oh Blaine, how I love him. He makes every day so much fun. Yes, he is wearing a chicken hat.
My awesome family! (L to R) Cousin Craig, Aunt Karol, Mom, Aunt LeVon, Aunt Peggy, and Uncle Dave
This is how Adie helps me with Laundry now a days.

Adie at Nana and Papa White's in Vegas
Adie's first airplane ride. She is so excited about getting on the plane.
My cute girl in her Sesame Street chair