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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Finally Getting There

Well, what can I say? I am finally doing what I have been telling Ashley I would do for months now..start a blog. Over the past six months I have become a blogoholic, spending loads of time going through friend's and family's blogs seeing what they have been up to. Blogging became such a rush for me that I would check every one's blogs at least two or three times a week just to see what was new. And then, when I did run into friends or family I would start going on and on to them about what had happened to them the week before or how cute their pictures were, or ask them how the zoo was, and all sorts of questions, or tell them how much I loved their slide shows. They would simply stare at me with the most confused looks on their faces and I would have to explain that I have been stalking them through their blogs. I wonder if they have a Bloggers Anonymous class. I should probably check into that. Well anyways, dear sweet Mrs. Ashley D kept telling me that I needed to get a blog set up and quite honestly I just didn't have the time and I thought our lives were so boring (school and work) that no one would want to know what we were up to. So, now that I'm pregnant, due very soon, taking a break from school and will be quitting my job soon I decided it was great time to stop making excuses and start blogging. I'm far from any of the faboulous prize winning blogs that you all have, but I'll catch up soon enough!