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Friday, February 20, 2009

Polk-a-dots, Pirates, and Puppies

I have these pictures that I just have to post. They are just so cute! This week has been very fun for all of us here at the White house. Between school, work, homework, and life we did manage to find time for a lot of laughs, smiles, and memorable moments.

Adie and Daddy all ready for church on Sunday. I love this little dress, Adie looks so good in polk-a-dots and she apparently loves the dress too.
Kisses from Daddy
I loved this day! Branson came over to play with Adie one day last week and Branson found a pirate patch from Disneyland and had a hay day with it. I found some old bandannas from my mission and they fit perfectly on the kiddies' heads. They were an instant hit. Branson loved being "Captain Branson" and Adie was "First Mate Adie." Branson hid his treasure chest (a plastic tool box) under some sweatshirts and had Cheri "dig" it up. It was so cute. Adie looks more like a biker girl than a pirate.
Watch out or Adie and her biker buddies will take you out back. I love this little tough face!!!!
A day at the park with Ashley and Isaac is always fun. We found a woman who had the cutest little puppies. We just couldn't resist playing with them.
I wanted so bad to bring one home for Adie and Mosley. I think Mosley would love a little brother, don't you?
Adie's first flying lesson. I was laughing so hard at her face.
I just love this little girl, she is my sunshine!!


Ashley and Brett said...

Oh I just love Adie, she is so dang cute. That dress is darling! I love the flying lessons, you guys are crazy. Jeans, you pick the worst pictures to post of me, good thing I like you... we had a blast too!!!!

Kalteich family said...

She is so damn cute. I think she gets it from her aunt Erin forsure. Can't wait to see you guys next weekend. Love ya!

Mathie Fam said...

YEAH!! an update. Adie is so adorable. Look at those eyes, and she is a great "smiler." She is smiling in every picture! Sounds like you are keeping busy! Hope things are well!