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Monday, May 4, 2009

More Pictures of California

As promised, here are some more pictures of our fun trip to California. We started the trip off by spending the weekend with Jonathan's parents. Happily, Josh (Jonathan's brother), Heather, and baby Thomas were there the same weekend. We also spent time with Jonathan's parents and his Sister Erin and her husband Greg and our neices Hannah and Alexis. In California we saw his brother Brad and his wife Alicia and our nephew Skyler and neice Sierra. It was great to spend the weekend with them. On Easter Sunday, we spent some time with my Aunt Sydney, Uncle Jim, and my Grandmother. Adie was all dolled up for Easter Sunday. After spending the weekend in Vegas, we were off to California. Below are more pictures of us at the beach, at Disneyland, or just lounging around and having fun. Enjoy the pictures!


Erin Ludwig said...
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Erin Ludwig said...

Oh my gosh! Jeana I can't get over how cute she is! We are going to have to get together again!