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Monday, August 17, 2009

A New Experience

Undoubtedly, I love my baby girl more than life itself and last night Jonny and I experienced something completely new as parents. It's one of those events that makes me love, respect, and appreciate my own parents even more. Over the past couple days, Adie has been really grumpy, clingy, and just not her happy sweet self. We figured it was because another tooth was finally coming in and showed all the normal signs of a teething Adie; bad sleeping habits, really warm, but no fever, indecisive about what she wants, only cuddles with specific people, etc. Well teething could have been a contributing factor, but on the way home last night from my parents' house, Adie was almost asleep in her car seat when I heard this unmistakable sound.......the throw-up sound. I instantly turn back and Adie had thrown-up all over herself, the car seat, and on the seat next to her. And mind you, Adie is eating solid foods now. Nice mental picture huh? She just gave me this look like, "Oooohhh, I feel so much better." Luckily we were less than a minute away from home. I immediately took her in, washed her, and put her to bed while my sweet, amazing husband took care of the car and her car seat. This has never happened before, sure the occasional spit up when she was a newborn and all of the blow outs were nothing compared to this. Happily, Adie slept like a rock and has been a very chipper baby girl this morning and seems perfectly fine. I now deeply appreciate my own parents for loving me enough to take care of me all those times that I was sick. But I guess when you love your child enough that you would move heaven and earth for them, cleaning up some throw-up isn't that bad. Well to all those parents that have already experienced these kinds of situations, I tip my hat to you and say to myself, "Welcome to Another Stage of Parenthood!" I can only pray that Adie won't be the kid who smears poop or boogers on the walls. Yuck!


Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

You are lucky if this was the first!!! Saige had ear infections and puking was all she did for several months. I have not experienced the poop though so kudos to all those parents out there that have.

wyochats said...

Don't worry this will not be the last time, and if she only through up once that is pretty good.