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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The 4th of July!!!

So, I promised my adoring fans (Ashley) that I would be super duper good and write in my blog once a week. As you can see, that didn't go very far at all. I am determined though to be better at this and with less than a month to go until my due date arrives, I better get into the habit of updating my blog or it will never get done. Okay on to happier news.... the 4th of July!! I love the 4th. I remember as a little kid being mezmorized by the sounds and the sights of the fireworks, having family BBQ's, the parades with red, white, and blue everywhere you look, and everyone being so proud of our country and openly showing it. You quickly realize how important an event or holiday is when it is not celebrated or even acknowledge. I learned this the hard way while on my mission in the Philippines. The Philippines doesn't celebrate the 4th, Thanksgiving, July 24th, Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Halloween. Naturally they wouldn't, these are American holidays, but it just felt so weird not celebrating them. My native companions thought I was just plain nuts when the 4th of July or Thanksgiving was around the corner and I would get so excited. They too had their own holidays that were celebrated and they were a lot of fun, very different then our holidays, but still a lot of fun. Anyways, the point of this post is to say that I am VERY proud to be an American and to live in this beautiful, sacred, and amazing country we call the U.S.A. I am deeply grateful for every man, woman, and child that has served, is serving, and will serve to keep our country safe and free. I really am excited to celebrate the 4th this year with my hot husband, he truly is my best friend. And I am even more excited for next year's 4th of July when my sweet baby girl will be here with us to celebrate this special holiday.


Ashley & Brett said...

At the end there I thought you were going to burst into song - I about did! just kidding. Jeans I'm so proud of you for making another post! I know you love it!!! :)

Rachel said...

Hope you guys had fun looking for a glider! Randy was totally pissed that you wouldn't come swimming with us! Maybe next time RIGHT?!?!
Here is our blog address just if you were wondering

Shelly & Danny said...

I'm so happy you have a blog! Good for you! I have a question, did you ever end up buying that Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child book? If not, I want to get it for your shower, so let me know!