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Monday, August 18, 2008

My Mr. Amazing

So, I have to tell you how simply amazing my husband is... He is completely perfect, in every way possible. Let me explain why.... Over the weekend I was trying to be a good little wife and decided to clean out the fridge. I started to put expired food down the garbage disposal and to make a long story short, I totally clogged the pipes in my kitchen sink (note to self; big spaghetti noodles don't go down the drain very well). When water and yucky stuff started shooting back up at me I screamed and who but my amazing Jonny came running to my rescue. We tried for about 30 minutes to get it cleaned out (using a plunger and a coat hanger) and we ended up finding out our pipes were all corroded. So we went to good old Wal-Mart, got the parts we needed and my amazing Mr. Fix-It replaced the pipes and everything was a good as new in 30 minutes. Jonny ALWAYS comes to my rescue, he is my perfect Prince Charming. I love him so very very much and am so happy that he proposed to me almost 3 years ago. I love you Jonny, more than you can possibly imagine!!! Thank you baby for everything you do for me and for Adie. We love you!!!
I LOVED my wedding day, everything was perfect and I married my best friend, what could be better?
He is so hot!! This picture was taken while we were driving down to California on our honeymoon. We went on a cruise, it was a total blast!
This is Jonathan with his Dad and brothers in Boston. They all met up there to surprise Dad for his 60th birthday.
My amazing husband keeps me laughing all the time. I love his sense of humor and always have the best time whenever I am with him!


Pam said...

That is so cute. I love it. You guys seem like you are a perfect match. Only someone really special deserves Jeana...and I'm sure the other way around!

Tara said...

OHhhhh.... so very cute!!! I haven't seen you little baby yet! We need to get together. Jared and I just found an apartment in PG. We will be moving in the 2nd week in September. So I will be close!!! Call me sometime! Love ya

Kalteich family said...

Are you sure you are talking about my little bro that I grew up with. It must be someone different or you are just playin him up. Did you really have to call your dad cause Jonathan didn't want to get his hands dirty? Love you guys see you soon. Are you staying with us in November?