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Monday, August 4, 2008

My Two Favorite People

These two are my absolute favorite people in the world... my amazing husband and my precious baby girl. I cannot even begin to explain how grateful I am that Jonathan took two weeks off of work to help me with Adalyn. It has been SO nice to have him home these past two weeks. Adalyn has just been an absolute joy to have in the house. Granted, the midnight, 2am, and sometimes 4am feedings and not getting to bed until the wee hours of the morning haven't been the greatest, but it is all totally worth it. I guess that's what happens when you have a newborn. I am however, very excited for Adalyn to get into a better sleeping pattern so that Jonathan and I can start sleeping too, but that will come soon enough. Okay, so here are some more pixs of Adie and what we have been up to the last two weeks.

Jonathan and Adie hanging out on the couch just before nap time.Jonathan and Adie during nap time. Aren't they so dang cute?! She looks so tiny in this picture.Not the best picture of me, but at least Adie looks good in her "little black dress" onesie.

Nana and Papa White came to visit Adie over this past weekend. It was so much fun to watch Mom and Dad with Adie, I think she has become the new favorite grandchild!!!

I just love this picture of Adie, she is getting fatter and is totally chill after a good feeding and she is ready to hit the beach in her Hawaiian onesie.


Ashley and Brett said...

I love how you show off the newest outfit Adie is sporting! Good to see Jonathan is hard at work, taking naps in the day! Such a daddy thing! :) Ah, it's no fun if I can't give him a hard time.... besides he does it plenty enough to me!
It was so fun visiting with you last week. We will have to do it again soon. Isaac hasn't stopped talking about holding baby Adie!
Hope you get caught up on sleep, I'd be glad to come watch her while you nap! :) love you!

Rachel said...

Your little baby is so stinking cute! Hopefully thing have calmed down a bit for the both of us so we can get together!

Tara said...

She is so cute! I would love to come and see all of you! Let me know when is a good time! You look great! Love ya

Tash & Tim said...

She is such a cutie! Enjoy the newborn time.... it goes by way to quick. You all look great, we will have to come visit you sometime. Let me know when a good time is for you? I hope you got your gift I sent you, let me know. Take care!

k.m.b. said...

She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You guys do good work. and I agree with hard as it is when you're not sleeping, enjoy when they're this small cuz it definitely doesn't last long at all!!

Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

Congratulations, she is absolutely adorable, I am so glad you added a girl to the family!!!! I noticed your blog when I was looking at Christy's. We hope that all is going well and we can't wait to see the new addition, feel free to look at our blog,