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Friday, August 22, 2008

One Month Old!!

I can't believe my baby is a month old today! That went by pretty fast, maybe it was because of all the late nights and early mornings that I just lost track of days. But the fact is my sweet baby girl is a month old today, and before I know it she'll be 2, then 10, then 16, then 18 Ohhhh!! I don't want to think about it, I just want her to stay itty bitty forever! I wonder if that is possible. I swear just yesterday I was in the labor room munching on popsicles, watching movies, and chit chatting with Jonathan during my 13 hour labor just waiting for her to get here and now she's a month old!! My, how the time does fly by quick when you aren't paying attention. But oh, she is so precious and I absolutely love and adore her. I love this picture, Ashley took it when she came to visit me in the hospital (thanks Ash!!). Adie looks so sweet and precious. My nurses in the hospital rocked and they made her such a cute name tag to sport around in when she was in the nursery.
I can't believe how itty bitty Adie was... 6lbs and 9 oz. And now she is turning into a little tank. We weighted her the other day and she is over 7lbs and 10 oz.

This is Adie's first real bath the night her cord fell off, and boy was I glad to see that thing go, I was always afraid that it would cut her little tummy and hurt her, She was very relaxed during her bath. Her facial expressions are the best! Sleeping is by far one of Adie's favorite things to do and mine is just to hold her and stare at her all day long (no wonder my house never gets clean!!).
I love this picture, they both are so content in each other's arms. My hubby and baby make such a cute pair.


Ashley and Brett said...

Oh ya, Adie's a tank! I just held her yesterday... I could barely lift the itty bitty thing! haha! I just love her and can't get enough of her! Isaac just adores her. He's been talking about her. I can't wait to see those pics of Adie and Isaac again! You guys are such good parents. Let's get together again soon.
By the way, nice touch on the "you are so beautiful" song! Perfect touch while reading your post!

Ashley and Brett said...

Hey I have to tell you, Isaac just walked in and he told me, there's Jeana, there's Jonathan, and there is baby Adie! He knows you all well! Thats a good thing! :) (I love how he says Jonathan's name... breaks it into 3 syllables!)

Tara said...

Very cute! I really really really want to see her! And I would love to see you. Let me know when you have some time. Love ya